Salvation Army kettle stolen from mall

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HUMBLE, TX – Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true, and despicable.

It happened November 27th, just after dark, outside the Dillard’s department store at Deerbrook Mall.

A man wearing a hoodie, walked up to a Salvation Army bell ringer and told him he wanted the money in the red kettle. The bell ringer ran towards the door, while the suspect took the kettle and ran.

Faye Lowe who was shopping in the Humble area said, “They’re just mean, mean and hateful, and if they did that, they need to really… I don’t know… they’re not gonna give it back and they don’t even have a heart for no one, it’s selfish.”

Faye Deblanc, a bell ringer, said, “We have these people that are in desperate need, that don`t have a Christmas, and we try to come out to be able to help these people so they can have a nice Christmas.”

The money is intended to help people in need.

Major Chris Flanagan, the Salvation Army area Commander for the greater Houston area said, “It’s very disappointing because the moneys collected in that kettle go to assist, first of all 30 some thousand children that are being assisted through the Salvation Army, so that is very disappointing, disheartening.  If someone is that desperate and in need then the Salvation Army is always willing to assist them.”

The goal is to raise 1.4 million dollars this holiday season. Now they’re short 2 to 3 hundred dollars.

Duncan Kyles a shopper, said, “A lot of people just put their hard earned money into donating to other kids, and somebody just goes and takes from them like that… that’s just real messed up right.”

We couldn’t have said it better; that’s just really messed up right there.

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