Timberlake Estates residents vs. the HOA

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CYPRESS, TX – You’ve heard the saying before, ‘there’s no place like home.’ There certainly is no place like home, but when the winds of unexpected change come, it can have many feeling less than homey.

Folks at the Timberlake Estates in Cypress say the Homeowners Association is handing over their community to a management company. That could potentially mean more green coming out of their pockets.

“Most people who have dealt with these situations in the past, know that when a management company comes in, they will be doing more and more and more, and we have to pay their lawyers and their fees without any recourse,” said Timberlakes resident George Franklin.

A vote was held by the HOA Board of directors to decide if the management company would take over. But it left residents with a bad taste in their mouth. They think something fishy is going on and say the vote is illegal.

We tried talking to an HOA representative, but they avoided our cameras. Right now, it’s too soon to tell what kind of change will take place, but all these residents hope is that there’s no unwanted change to a place they`ve called home for so many years.


  • kma3

    There are two main reasons why the HOA is seeking the assistance of a management company.

    1.) Compliance, regulations and other laws associated with managing a homeowners association. Also as an insulator from uncivilized and hostile homeowners.

    2.) Managing the properties that are impacting the value of homes in the subdivision.

    The person in the video complaining, once the president of the HOA, almost lost the subdivisions corporate status because of incompetence.

    They don’t provide any solutions and they just complain. They don’t volunteer to solve the problems and then just complain about those who do volunteer. I mean if you notice one of the signs they were carrying, they are complaining about the “web master”. The webmaster is simply volunteering to publish docs online and distribute messages for the HOA.

  • kma3

    These people are hostile and act like children. They think everything is a conspiracy. They think every attempt to solve a problem have an ulterior motive. They think the HOA just wants to get more money from them. They are basing their anger on fear and no facts. They go into meetings with their outbursts and rude condescending remarks while the board speaks. They can’t separate facts from their emotions.

    These same people treat the board with such disrespect that no one wants to volunteer. So they don’t contribute, deter people from joining, and don’t want a management company to do it and they provide no solutions. They are basically beyond useless, to counterproductive and put additional burden on those already going beyond the call of duty. It's like trying to prepare a Christmas dinner for many guests and your 2-year old child won't stop pulling on you and whining all day.

    I will post pictures of some of the houses in the neighborhood. We are not talking about simple violations. More like get a bulldozer.

  • kma3

    The deed restrictions ARE NOTHING like other subdivisions. These are minimal restrictions. They don’t make restrictions any easier to follow than these. Yet some parts of our subdivision look like a 3rd world country. It’s a shame what little effort is so unbearable for some.

    The bottom line is the more homeowners neglect their property and do not comply with the HOA, the more money is put out to manage those homeowners. It’s nothing but disrespect for the deed restrictions and the homeowners volunteering to manage those restrictions. The homeowners agreed to the deed restrictions and now some won’t honor their own signature and commitment.
    I guess that is about the same honor as their word. Worthless.

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