Washington state issues first same-sex marriage license

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SEATTLE, WA – Those long lines in Seattle were not for Black Friday sales. They were made up of folks waiting to get their same- sex marriage licenses signed.

Petey Peterson and Jane Abbott were the first in the state of Washington to get the official OK for their 35-year union, which is pretty good, regardless of which side of the bed you sleep on.

But no matter what you think about same-sex marriages, one thing is for certain, maybe, possibly: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people are better at managing their money than the average Joe, or Jill.

Or so says a survey by Prudential with more than a thousand respondents.

Their median income of $61,500 is about $11,000 higher than the national median, and they carry about four grand less in debt.

But getting back to Washington state where folks are celebrating the first day that pot possession is legal. Yeah, up to an ounce of grass.

But only if it’s purchased from a licensed seller, and right now there won’t be any until state regulators can figure out the rules of game. Of course, if it’s like anything else having to do with getting high, they may have forgotten what they were doing.

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