Cobra upgraded to first class on flight

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AL GHARDAQA, EGYPT – What is it with snakes on airplanes these days? In case you’ve forgotten, the two are not a good mix.

Apparently, the snake oil salesman from Jordan didn’t know or cared because he was trying to smuggle a cobra onto his flight. Police say Akram Abdul Latif, who really owns a reptile shop, smuggled an Egyptian Cobra into his carry on for his flight from Cairo to Kuwait.

Here’s what you need to know about Egyptian Cobras; they’re anywhere from 3 feet long to 9 feet and their bite can kill a full grown elephant in 3 hours and a person in 15 minutes. Enough said!

Somewhere after takeoff the sneaky snake slithered out of the carry on. While trying to catch the cobra Latif was bitten on his hand. The Egypt Air pilot landed the plane PDQ. The cobra was corralled and confiscated by the cops.

Latif refused medical attention saying the bite was superficial. Let’s hope he’s right ‘cause that’s not the kind of mistake you want to make with a snake.

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