Dead Pig Found in Mosque

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The mystery remains regarding who put the pig on the porch of the Islamic Outreach Center in Cypress.


In case you missed it, the folks at the center found a dead pig on their porch when they showed up for evening prayers earlier in the week. They also say they found what could have been pig intestines thrown over the front gate of the property.


No one has claimed responsibility, and no one with the center has reported any hostile or hateful acts directed toward the center.


In fact, the only injured party, at this time, is the pig, and it`s dead.


‘Yes, it`s true, it`s something that we should be worried about,’ Fahad Tasleem, the center`s imam, told us. ‘It could be anywhere from someone just playing a practical joke to maybe something more serious. So there is a danger element, but at the same time I think we should really look at it more positively as an opportunity. Our mission is to have this outreach to other faiths, other people, and I think now, the way I like to look at it is that God had us push the accelerator. Now, we`re just thrusting the work forward.’


The center went ahead and held Friday prayers, and those in attendance heard a lesson on how to communicate to non-Muslims about themselves and about Islam.


For the record, Muslims don`t have a problem with pigs. They just don`t eat them.


And, it`s a pretty good bet they don`t shun Porky Pig`s feat.


So, as it stand now, several days have passed and we`re no closer to finding the swine who did this deed,


And we`re no closer to getting justice for the pig.

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