French headed for the Dark Ages, sort of

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PARIS, FRANCE – It looks like the French are headed for the Dark Ages. By law now, 3.5 million stores and businesses in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, must turn off their neon lights from 1am to 6 am daily. And it’s about to get even darker.

A new law increases the ban to 7am and includes the rest of the country. Why?

The power of green money and energy are at the root of this blackout policy. The Frogs hope to save money and improve energy efficiency 20% by the year 2020. By then ‘The City of Lights’ will just be called Paris.

The bad economy and high unemployment are already hurting retailers who say the new proposal, on top of existing bans, will damage the economy even more.  These complaints are likely just a shot in the dark as the French government seems determined to literally make it ‘darkest before the dawn.’

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