Man loses drug money, asks cops for help

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TUCSON, AZ – If you’re passing through Tucson International Airport anytime soon, you may want to be on the lookout for some loose cash floating around.

And we’re not talking a couple of stray bucks here and there. We’re talking 20 large, you know, $20,000.

Reports out of Arizona say some doofus by the name of Demarco Alonzo Thomas called Tucson cops because he lost the money and needed their help.

It seems Thomas was carrying cash from his home state of North Carolina to give to some drug dealers in Tucson, but after he made the exchange, he got a phone call telling him he was 20 grand short.

That’s when he did what we’ve all been taught to do.  He found a cop and asked for help.

But the help he wanted was for the police to give him a fake receipt showing that they took his 20 grand. That way, he figured, he could show it to the drug dealers and maybe they wouldn’t kill him.

Police arrested him, instead. And when they searched his suitcase and personal property, they found 17 grand in the suitcase and $300 or so in some blue jeans.

And then the doofus refused to sign the paperwork showing the cops took the cash.

What this bad boy needs now is a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

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