New rehydration drink pushes the bounds of being salty

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US – Move over, Gatorade, there’s another rehydration drink on the block – BANa, a drink that’s been on the market since 2008.

Benjamin Yoo, Owner BANa Bottling Company LLC,  “Most people don’t realize that you actually need salt to get rehydrated because that’s what retains fluid in your body.”

That’s the idea behind Yoo’s rehydration drink BANa. Think of it as a saline bag in a bottle. There is a whopping 800 milligrams of sodium in one 16 fluid ounce bottle. That’s almost four times more sodium than what Gatorade has.

You says, “We wanted to make sure that it was palatable to most of the consumers. We noticed that 800mg of sodium is about the right solution as far as the taste for consumers.”

The science may be sound, but some hardcore marathon runners put the beverage to the taste test.

Tim Neckar says, “It’s definitely salty but in a good way.”

Jon Guthrie adds,  “I was expecting it to be pretty salty, but I mean it’s good.”

Neckar says, “I’ve never seen anything with this much sodium-potassium in one serving so this is kind of finally the right product for real endurance athletes.”

the developers of the drink know it’s a great way for athletes to keep hydrated, but those who like to take in an alcoholic beverage or two or three are finding this drink to be a cure all to the dreaded hangover.

Yoo says, “We actually just started recently in the last couple of months a hangover campaign. We want to be sensitive to that because we don’t want our branding to be just a hangover drink, but we do know that it does work for hangovers very effectively.”

Effective enough where you can go back to being salty.

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