Woman shot and killed during Walmart robbery

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HOUSTON – Shopping, I mean, shoplifting…can be deadly. Especially when you get caught and try to run over a sheriff’s deputy.

A woman was shot and killed by an off-duty Harris County Sheriff’s deputy working security at the Walmart on West Road.

The victim was seen with her partner in crime stuffing her purse full of goodies.

But, when the uniformed officer approached the ladies as they left the store, he was smacked with the goodie bag and the victim took off for her car. That’s when the suspected shoplifters drug the deputy in the parking lot as they attempted to get away.

The deputy managed to get his gun and fired off one round. The suspects did manage to get away, but they didn’t get far.

Reports of a shooting about a mile away brought investigators to the suspect’s car.

One of the suspects was arrested, but the second female was pronounced dead at the scene.

Just a reminder, crime doesn’t pay.


  • carolyn

    Thats a white lie shoplifting and robbery is not the same that prejudice redneck wanted to shoot that black young lady whom had kids. I hope the family sued the hell out of walmart.. and he need to watch his back cause black people are tired of getting step on. I hope he rotten in hell.

    • Jay

      First off, not walmarts fault, that was a cop not a Walmart employee. 2nd she was a repeat offender and had already been charged with shoplifting. She had a restraining order from Walmart until parrol was over. 3rd who brings their kid to go shoplift?

    • stephsteph

      Carolyn…do a little research so you don't look so ignorant…shoplifting and robbing are the same thing…taking something that doesn't belong to you!!
      Do you want to know what is ridiculous?? Planning a robbing spree with YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR!! WOW! Mothers of the year…right here! These kids should be removed from these so called "mothers" . Great example for the kids…rob a store, then try to run the police officer over with your car! Obviously, thats considered assault on a police officer. Getting these poor kids away from these people is probably the only positive action in this scenario.
      Carolyn…if people who rob and get caught and pursued by security are "tired of getting step on", here's a thought…HOW ABOUT YOU QUIT JACKING AND PAY FOR THINGS YOU WANT LIKE THE REST OF US DO!! You couldn't sound any sillier with your comments!! And "sue the hell out of walmart" … why, b/c she didn't get to steal? R u kidding?? I'd love to live in your world…

    • stephsteph

      Shoplifting…robbing…same thing! They both mean taking something that doesn't belong to you…check a dictionary. And why would anyone go on a shoplifting spree with their kids in the car?? Great parenting!! If people who rob and get caught are so "tired of getting stepped on" , here's a thought…quit robbing stores and pay for the things you want! Use common sense people! Unfortunately, this sad situation was brought on by the victim herself and her friend…poor kids…they deserve better than the situation their mom put them in

  • Gena

    Its insane to think that someone actually believes that Walmart should be sued in this situation. Yes its ashamed she lost her life but she put herself in that situation. As far as her having a kid she should have thought about that before she decided to break the law. She tried to take the life away from the officer when she tried to run him over. I believe he had no choice.

  • Frauddetector76

    I hope they sue the pants off Wal-Mart to kill somebody behind petite theft …..her go to jail..Yes killed NO!!! How was she was trying to run the officer over and he was onside of the. car..
    .and to shot into a car with children inside what kind of person is that

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