United States War Ships in North Korea

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United States war ships are on the prowl. This time, its sights are set on the Hermit Kingdom.

North Korea`s in hot water because of plans to launch a rocket, its second attempt this year.

North Korea claims the launch is an attempt to put a satellite into space. The rest of the world isn’t buying it though. Instead, many see it as a test of a long-range ballistic missile with nuclear capabilities. That’s no bueno since it violates the United Nations’ resolutions.

The US isn’t messing around, though. They’ve urged North Korea to cancel the launch as warships are being moved to the best locations to monitor the rocket during the whole ordeal.

And we’re not the only ones. Japan plans to shoot down the missile if it crosses into their territory. They’ve also beefed up their military presence.

The rocket launch is scheduled to take place sometime between December 10th and the 22nd. So North Korea, you’ve got some time to do the right thing.

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