NFL considers removing kickoffs from the game

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kickUSA – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s focus on player safety is admirable; but the newest safety-related idea might be taking things a little too far.

The new proposal would end kickoff returns entirely.

There is no doubt that high-speed collisions arguably make kickoff returns some of the most dangerous plays in football, but removing them completely may not be the answer to the question of safety.

The proposal would replace a kickoff with the crazy idea that the team who just scored would take the ball on their own 30-yard line in a 4th-and-15 situation. Meaning they could try to pick up 15 more yards at the risk of turning the ball over, or they could punt – which is safer than a kickoff.

Removing kickoffs would have the same effect as removing, oh say, tackling. It might make it safer, but it would change the game completely.

If these types of changes actually take place in the future, they ought to change the NFL to the NFFL – the National Flag-Football League. That would be pretty safe, right?