Cowboys’ Josh Brent released on $500k bail

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joshIRVING, TX – It’s hard enough to lose a teammate, even harder to lose a friend.

Every Dallas Cowboys player is feeling the effects of both, especially Josh Brent.

The Cowboy’s nose tackle was released from jail Sunday on a $500,000 bond, after the 24-year old was arrested for a car crash that killed his passenger, friend, and teammate, Jerry Brown.

Even worse, Irving cops think Brent was drunk when he hit a curb and wrecked his car. It’s not the first time Brent’s been caught drinking and driving. He pleaded guilty to a DUI charge back in 2009, in Illinois.

This makes two NLF players dead in less than two weeks, and they were both so young, this is a trend that’s already getting old.


  • Michelle Durham

    Idk I think the driver getting charged with manslaughter is harsh , ANY driver getting charged is kind of wrong the person should have better judgement then to get in a car with a drunk driver … CALL A CAB , don’t risk your life if they want to drive drunk that’s there life shouldn’t have to be yours!!!

  • Michelle Durham

    Do I think he deserves probation and AA classes YES , prison… No that was his best friend he didn’t mean to kill him..

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