Diners called ‘fat girls’ on check from restaurant

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STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA – Christina Duran and her friends Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles couldn’t believe their eyes after getting their check from The Cameo Club in Stockton, California.  When the check was delivered, Duran saw two fat words on the top of her ticket: ‘fat girls.’

Duran`s friends didn’t believe her at first. That is until they saw the words staring back at them.

The trio confronted the waiter, who denied it. Instead, he pinned the ordeal on a bartender named Jeff, the one whose name was on the receipt. Conveniently, Jeff had already left the restaurant.  It goes without saying, the girls asked to see the manager.

“He had a smirk on his face, like if it was funny but he was trying not to laugh,” said Huerta.

The girls say the manager only offered 25 per cent off their bill, which obviously didn’t sit well with them.

“He was like, `Well, I can do 50 percent,`’ said Huerta.  “And we were just like, `Are you serious?`’

The restaurant has launched an investigation. As for Jeff, he’s been suspended. But it looks like too little, too late for these ladies.

“They can’t change it.  This is something that we got to live with, all three of us,” said Robles.

Just goes to show, forget sticks and stones; Words really can hurt.

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  • Michelle Durham

    If u have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all!!!! That’s just rude , they should get their meal paid for and more! Discrimination all the way…

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