Employers are looking at what you post on Facebook

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US – Ahhh the good old days, before Facebook exsisted.

Before the creation and explosion of Facebook, college grads didn’t really have to think about their online identity…. Except how many MySpace friends they had.

Now, more than ever- new college grads who are not only trying to keep up appearances online with their peers (who may still be in college) by showing how much they party and go out, but who are also trying to get a great paying job

That being said…get this! Seven in ten employers have apparently disregarded job applicants after finding drunken photos of them circulating online… Bummer!

Okay, we’re not talking about the pictures of you with your hockey team at the bar, or maybe a holiday party toast… The real trouble lies in those pictures of you wiln’ out downing shots or running naked down the street!

But hold on, before you go deleting your Facebook account, you need to look outside the box and use that common sense you’re always boasting about: from an employer’s perspective, the reputation of a business is shaped by it’s staff.

Okay- the lecture’s over, you’re dismissed, go have a good time, just use your privacy settings!