Is winter finally here?

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HOUSTON – Did ya know? Have ya heard? Can ya feel it? Baby, it’s cold outside!

As long as you weren’t out till the wee hours of Sunday night trying to make it through the wind and the rain that delivered this cold snap, the only real problems we’ve had to deal with is trying to find our winter coats in the back of our closets.

Our neighbors to the north are feeling a bit more frigid, however.

The winter storm paved a path for Santa, dumping one and a half feet of snow in Minnesota Sunday before making it’s way to North Texas, dusting Denton with flurries too. That didn’t last long though. By the time the sun came up the flakes were history, and while we haven’t gotten any snow (and probably won’t) folks in Houston are still getting ready to roast chestnuts on an open fire.

However, Jack Frost won’t be nipping at our noses for long, it’s supposed to be back to normal ‘Houston-type-December’ weather by the weekend.

So, it looks like Santa may need to dress-down to handle the winter in the dirty south!