Jacket-wearing monkey runs wild in IKEA

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TORONTO – What is it about seeing a monkey in a coat doing a little holiday shopping that makes everyone go bananas? Is it a sweet little face? The furry monkey-sized jacket? Or is it the memories of Curious George that take us right back to childhood?

One pampered little primate spent about an hour terrorizing a Toronto Ikea Sunday afternoon.

After a few Swedish meatballs, a swing through the lighting section, and picking out the perfect yellow couch, the little guy’s free-for-all came to an abrupt halt when Animal Services showed up and threw a monkey wrench in his weekend plans and took him into custody.

If you’re wondering what will become of the wild beast with a furniture fetish, the same thing that happens to every wild-animal that makes it on the news! He get’s his own Twitter account, of course. #IkeaMoney is pretty amusing.

So, we’ll end this story with one Toronto-Tweet that left us scratching our monkey brains. Had we found ‘Ikea-monkey’ in Victoria’s Secret, what would he have been wearing?