Protestors gather at U.S. Representative Pete Olson’s Sugar Land office

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protestSUGAR LAND, TX – `Tis the season for stressful shopping, lots of eating and apparently a time for protesting!

A group of constituents showed up to U.S. Representative Pete Olson’s Sugar Land office with one goal in mind – to get their voice heard.

“The gathering here as I understand it are citizens gathering together to protest the threat to our social security, Medicare and Medicaid,” said attorney & activist John Mikus.

Fed-up constituents say they want to get commitment from Olson to extend middle class tax cuts and make the richest 2% pay their fair share. But their in-office demonstration was cut short. Authorities kicked the group out of the office. But that didn’t stop the group from gathering outside.

“We came out here because Mr. Olson seems to not have a conscious about what we need as the minority people in the United States of America. He’s representing Texas and he should represent all of the people of Texas,” said protestor Sophie Lucas.

Only time will tell if anything will actually get done. But c’mon folks, this is politics we’re talking about here; so it could be a while.