The Secret Service loses important tapes

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Secret Service might not be so secret any more. The investigation that started earlier this year, when knuckleheads in the Secret Service knocked boots with Colombian hookers, has uncovered another doozy. This time around the agency is saying all sorts of highly sensitive information was lost when it was left behind in a very public place… on a Washington DC metro train.

Sounds like the plot to 007’s latest, but in this case two computer backup tapes were misplaced. They were left on a subway train by a U.S. Secret Service contractor back in 2008. The data lost included highly sensitive personal information like passport and social security numbers of agency employees as wellas documentation of some overseas informants.

An aggressive search took place to find out exactly what happened and to set up a protocal to prevent this from happening again. The folks paid to watch our Presidents back better start watching their own a little better.