Candlelight vigil honors Montrose murder victim

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HOUSTON – They came together in spite of the cold – fifteen strong -to remember a friend on this most painful of anniversaries. Aaron Michael Sheerhoorn was stabbed to death December 10th, 2010 outside Montrose nightclub, Blur. He was twenty-eight-years-old.

“He’s not here anymore and a lot of people miss him,’ friend Sara Magnero says.

They lit candles to remember. Then they walked – together and in solidarity – to the garden they planted in Aaron`s memory and for all those who have suffered violence in the gay community.

“It’s so important to look at other people and just understand that there’s always going to be differences between us,’ J.J. Smith told the group, ‘and accept those differences and just love people.”

It was also a celebration of justice.  Aaron’s killer, Lydell  Grant, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison December 7th, a few days before the anniversary of Aaron`s death. And while it’s not believed Aaron’s murder was a hate crime, his death serves as a reminder to those in a community that has seen so much hate, to remain vigilant.

“A lot of people around here know each other,’ Alan Everette explains. ‘People walk the streets during the day and feel safe. Sometimes it doesn’t feel quite as safe at night time because there is crime in the neighborhood.”

“Aaron was always seeking,’ Sara Magnero said. ‘He was seeking the truth; he was seeking a more spiritual life – even though sometimes he struggled with life in the now – he was always seeking to be better.”