Colorado residents get stoned on steps of capitol

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DENVER, CO – Higher elevation, higher tolerance for smokin’ the reefer and higher people! Welcome to the beautiful state of Colorado, where not only is marijuana legal; but folks feel comfortable tokin’ up right there on the steps of the capitol building.

A group of pot-loving, care free folks were coughing, laughing and struggling to see at 4:20. Thanks to Amendment 64, adults in Colorado over 21 can have up to an ounce of grass for recreational use.

Now, it’s supposed to be illegal to sell, purchase or consume weed in public, but those Capitol coughers weren’t worried about reading the fine print; they’re more concerned about getting lit.

Governor Hickenlooper says, “…Our voters very clearly said that they thought this was a step forward. I think our job now is to make sure that we do the best we can to respect the will of those voters and to make that step forward as thoughtful and as constructive as we possibly can.”

Thoughtful and constructive! Constructive we think y’all can handle, thoughtful will be a different story.