Egyptian citizens protesting controversial referendum

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CAIRO, EGYPT – Egyptian protesters are back at it. This time, they’re hitting the streets ahead of a historic vote on a controversial referendum to their constitution.

Call it a constitutional cliff. Depending on how the election goes, Egypt could be in for a rough ride. Some claim the referendum would essentially pave the way for an Islamist rule in Egypt.

Nine people were injured in the protests; four others are in critical condition as Election Day inches closer. Some say bird shot and Molotov cocktails were fired at the protestors. These guys aren’t messing around. Meanwhile, Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi has given the military power to arrest civilians, claiming it’s to maintain security.

All this comes after Morsi cancelled his decree which basically made him a dictator until a new contusion could be drafted. Yea, that didn’t sit too well with the Egyptians.

Now the Egyptians wait impatiently for Election Day. Maybe then the democracy they fought for can actually begin.