Mom arrested for DWI; baby found buried beneath junk in car

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – There is a new candidate for the mother of the year award, and it goes Jessica Gutierrez.

Gutierrez was driving around in a car full of junk when she was pulled over by a Montgomery County constable for suspected drunk driving. Buried deep beneath the bundles of junk, was an 8-month old bundle of joy.

Mommy dearest told the cops she had some beer, Xanax, Prozac and smoked a little potpourri – which got her a ride to the slammer.

That’s when Gutierrez got concerned about her baby, which was later picked up by child protective services.

Gutierrez also told cops that she left her 12-year-old with her new roommate, but she couldn’t remember her roommates name.

Hey, with that much ‘junk’ on her brain, should we be ‘that’ surprised?


  • Erica

    I have three kids and I wouldn’t have my baby in a car full of junk, and I won’t leave my kids with just anybody!!! People call cps on tha wrong people that’s a person who need cps

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