Man decorates truck with 850 Christmas lights, gets ticket

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WICHITA, KS – One Kansas guy likes to roll out the holiday cheer.

David Hill doesn’t just honk his horn he flashes his lights making everyone’s day merry and bright.

It took Dave and his crew 16 hours to pimp his ride.

He’s got 850 Christmas lights on it; all stuck on with magnets.

He lights the bad boy up with an 8000 watt generator in the back of the truck.

But, the other night as Dave was driving around with his truck all aglow he saw some other flashing lights belonging to the Po-Po.

Dave got slapped with a ticket for a present, the lights aren’t allowed because someone might confuse them for an emergency vehicle.

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  • Karl Vasut

    I don’t think that’s fair. I have lights on my truck and there may not be 850 lights but I used 3 strands of the mini bulbs and I ride through town with them on all the time. I have a PA system on the truck and I say merry Christmas to pedestrians when I see them. It’s not like the lights are flashing like emergency vehicles or have sirens going either. If I get a ticket for them I will fight it. They aren’t on the vehicle all year long just during the Christmas holiday season.

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