6 million Americans believe world ending next week

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HOUSTON, TX – The Mayans were not that good at predicting the destruction of their own civilization. But for some people that’s not reason enough not to give their prophecies some credit. No matter what NASA or the current day Mexican scientists say, nearly 6 million Americans still believe December 21, 2012, will be the end.

According to a poll conducted by the Religion News Service, 2% of Americans are convinced they’re not going to get a kiss on New Year’s Eve. So we should assume they’re getting ready for the tragic event.

The recent earthquakes in California, hurricane Sandy, the tsunami in Japan and the apocalyptic failure or Apple’s maps are telling us something about the state of our planet. Anyone else hear Al Gore weeping?  “It’s the climate change, stupid!” But that’s too elaborate an explanation.  Instead, it’s easier to think the Mayans were right.

One thing is for sure though; December 21 will be the most annoying day in Facebook history. Crazy pictures, crazy comments, crazy behavior and lots of embarrassment the day after. At least so we hope.

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