NASA ends moon mission by crashing twin probes

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SPACE – Christmas came a little early for NASA nerds.

A 15 month-long moon mission ended Monday in a fashion that was nothing short of out of this world.

Twin spacecraft’s Ebb and Flow have been flyin’ around the moon since September 2011, finding all sorts of new information, like what’s below its surface besides cheese. Scientist hoped that will help them figure out how the moon may have formed.

To wrap up the mission, Ebb and Flow took a trip to the lunar North Pole. But instead of meeting Santa Claus, the machines met their demise. They were intentionally crashed into a cliff about 20 seconds apart and traveling more than 3,700 mph.

It was kind of violent, but how else was NASA going to top the whole Mars rover thing?

Makes you wonder what far out mission NASA is going to come up with next.