Newtown students back in school

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NEWTOWN, CT – They’re back in school, but it’s really a new town in Connecticut.  5400 students had Monday off, while teachers and administrators trained on how to handle the elementary school slaughter. Now it all goes into practice.

Only Sandy Hook Elementary School is still closed. It will be an active crime scene for a while. Eventually students will resume their year in a neighboring town’s middle school. But in the meantime, there are funerals.

On Monday, five year old Noah Pozner was laid to rest. Cards from his loved ones surrounded him, including one from a young cousin in Seattle. JetBlue rushed it in.

On the heels of all this, guns are in a new light. Dicks Sporting Goods and Walmart are scaling back sales and pulling some semi-automatics from shelves, with seemingly no resistance from the National Rifle Association.

For their part, the NRA has been completely quiet. Even the group’s Facebook page is down and their Twitter feed is silent.