Your Starbucks habit might just save your life

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ATLANTA, GA – Starbucks addicts– listen up! Your caffeinated crack habit might just save your life.

Scientists at the American Cancer Society looked at nearly a million coffee drinkers over 26 years and found that those who had four cups or more a day of the caffeinated stuff were half as likely to die from throat or mouth cancer.

The java effects even held for smokers and boozehounds, despite those folks having the highest risk for oral cancer.

Researchers say they aren’t sure if the coffee prevents cancer or just helps fight it once you get it. The study only looked at death rates. But one thing was certain– when it came to the big C, there was no benefit from tea.

That might upset Her Tea-totaling Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth. Then again, after jumping out of a helicopter at her Jubilee celebration, she’d probably be up for joining Kate and Wills for a cup of joe.