Gender neutral Easy Bake Oven on its way

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PAWTUCKET, RI – Christmas has come early for boys who like to bake. Hasbro, who makes the Easy Bake Oven, has announced that they’ll now make a gender neutral version for boys.

Set to debut in February, the ‘G-N’ version means no pink or purple. No this mighty, little oven will be black and silver. The packaging will also change to feature girls and boys.

This is a huge victory for McKenna Pope, whose 13 going on 40. The teenager petitioned the toymaker to change the oven on behalf of her little brother, Gavyn.

In addition to more than 40,000 signatures on; she also received the support of celebrity chefs Bobby Flay and Manuel Trevino.

Hasbro says this change has been in the works for 18 months. Maybe; but it seems this young lady just changed the lives of a lot of little boys who’ve wanted to bake but didn’t want to use a purple oven. Happy baking boys!

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