Student refuses to wear ID badge, calls it ‘mark of beast’

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Forget iPhones and iPads. Tracking chips are the must-have accessory this year. Literally!

San Antonio’s Northside School District is forcing kids to wear ID badges equipped with tracking chips on campus. Supposedly, these chips will help keep kids safe at school and can also boost attendance ratings. Don’t forget attendance ratings can equal big money for school districts. It all makes sense now, huh?

But one family’s fighting back. Sophomore Andrea Hernandez is refusing to wear the badge because her family says the badge is the mark of the beast.

Others have complained about the tracking chips; claiming it infringes on their rights.

These excuses aren’t flying with school officials. They say Andrea has to transfer schools unless she complies. But come hell or high-water, Andrea’s family is going to battle it out in federal court.

The outcome of this case is anyone’s guess.

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