IKEA monkey behind bars, protestors rally

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TORONTA, CANADA – Remember all the monkey business going on in the Toronto IKEA a few weeks back? The little monkey jacket, the pictures, the Twitter account, it was bananas! Well, things are getting even wilder for little Darwin and his makeshift mom, Yasmin Nakhuda.

Animal Control took Darwin after his furniture store free-for-all, and now he’s sitting behind monkey bars. Yasmin paid a $240 fine for her playful primate’s antics, but those heartless animal control villains refused to set Darwin free. The problem is it’s illegal to keep Darwin as a pet in Toronto.

So, what more can a law-breaking, monkey-mother do? Stage a protest at the animal control office demanding her darling-Darwin be returned that’s what!

When her monkey cries fell on deaf ears, she didn’t give up. She’s taking her case to court.

Ironic that her monkey’s named Darwin. If Yasmin is proof of survival of the fittest, we’re all doomed!

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