People are living longer, but sicker and sadder

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WORLD – If the cold, dark winter doesn’t have you bummed out, listen to this. A new study says we’re living longer, but we’re sicker and sadder.

The brainiacs at The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at Washington University found that the world has made huge strides in fighting off infectious diseases. Now public enemy number one are chronic illnesses.

The study found that over three million people across the globe died from excess body weight in 2010, which is three times as many as malnutrition. In other words, you’re more likely to die by overeating than from starvation.

High blood pressure, smoking and alcohol use all claimed the top three health risks, beating out childhood hunger.

Keep in mind; these are things that won’t kill you overnight. It’s a slow process which can mean years of illness, disability, medications and the like.

A longer life also means you’ll likely be living with these chronic illnesses for a long time.

The good news? You can help stave off some of these conditions by living a healthier lifestyle. So pick up an apple instead of that candy bar, and work in a salad while you’re at it. It couldn’t hurt.

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