Students show how pulling together can help heal

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s the adults who will have to deal with the causes of the massacre in Connecticut and how to prevent these tragedies from happening again. But the kids, both those who survived the attack and the rest all across the country, might face difficulties in understanding why crazy people out there may try to hurt them for no particular reason.

Lauren Czarlinksy, a seventh grader at Emery/Weiner School in Houston, had a comforting idea to cope with the issue:  together with her friends, she’s managed to collect over 500 stuffed animals for the children who survived the attack.

“She asked if we could do a small collection of stuffed animals to send back to Newtown, Connecticut and I said that it sounded like a great idea,” says Jennifer White, head of Middle School at EWS. “I think they’re gonna feel comforted and happy that they know that someone cares about what’s going on there.”

Southwest Airlines and the American Red Cross will deliver these stuffed animals to the Sandy Hook community. Teddy Bears, prayers and new legislation will not bring the lives of those little angels killed in Newtown. However, this gesture of love from Texas to Connecticut can be viewed as a call to action:  let’s pull together to end this insanity.

“Once I heard about the shooting I was kind of scared and told my dad I don’t really want to go back to school.”

But life goes on. With schools everywhere changing their security protocols and the whole nation addressing the problem, let’s hope for a future in which childhood in America is only filled with nurturing moments.

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