Mom finds deadly snake in her 3 year olds toy chest

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On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me: seven… slithering… snakes!!

Well, it may not have been from her true love or even Santa, but when the mother of three-year-old Kyle Cummings opened the boy’s toy chest, seven Eastern Brown snakes hissed hello.

FYI: the Eastern Brown is the second most deadly land snake in the world.

So how’d seven of them get into Kyle’s room? They hatched from the eggs he found.

See– Kyle lives in Townsville, Queensland, Australia where those snakes thrive. When he spotted the eggs up in a tree in his backyard, he scooped them up into a plastic container.

“I wanted to keep them,” the little tyke said in his Aussie accent.

“It was very lucky the container was secure,” said Brad Cooper of the Billabong Sanctuary, “and there were none of those snakes sorta cruising around.”

Uhhhh… yeah!  Eastern Browns have killed more Aussies than any other snake. A bite from just one of those hatchlings would have meant lights out for little Kyle.

Definitely not a G’day!

“He knows he’s not allowed to touch snakes now,” said Kyle’s older sister Shannon Sim. “You can’t touch them, they’ll bite.”

So Kyle’s moving onto bigger game… something he can really sink his teeth into. He says he wants to catch crocodiles… if they don’t catch him first!