NORAD chooses Bing over Google for Santa tracking

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No one wants to feel like they’re being watched, especially if you live a secret kind of life. One jolly old guy, all dressed in red, doesn’t mind having all the kids in the world trying to track him down on his Christmas Eve journey!

This year, Santa Claus and NORAD, the military operation that helps kiddos track Santa every year, are upgrading their sleigh service. Since 2007, Santa’s used Google Earth to map out his route, but Google must’ve made the naughty list because this year they’re going with Bing.

If you’re a stickler for tradition, you’ll be happy to know Google’s still offering their very own competing Santa tracker.

At the end of the Eve, let’s just hope Bing doesn’t have the same problems Apple Maps did, leaving Santa Claus in need of a Christmas miracle.