Start-up claims it can solve climate change by capturing CO2

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NEW YORK – While skeptics say denial is the best solution to climate change, the American start-up Global Thermostat claims it has the technology to solve the problem.

It’s not all a matter of reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases the company says; but of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transforming it into power for industrial use.

Too good to be true, right? Do you know who else is behind this idea? Edgar Bronfman Jr., the guy who recently sold Warner Music Group for over $3 billion. So, it seems like finally somebody is trying to make a profit out of Al Gore’s worst nightmare.

A pilot plant is already operating in California. How does it work?

A tower uses molecules to pull CO2 out of the air. With low-temperature heat it transforms the CO2 into a product that could be used by soda drinks and food companies as well as oil refineries.

Even though this technology is still very expensive, developers believe that if used all over the world, these towers could reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to the levels of 250 years ago, before the industrial revolution.

It sound pretty ambitious, but ambition is what make us humans, right?