The Mayans were wrong, we’re still here

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HOUSTON – We did it!  The Mayans were wrong and we’re still here.  Come on party animals, let’s celebrate!

Science: one.  Superstition: zero!  That’ll teach us a useful lesson about calendars: they were made to count days, not to predict when you’d be allowed to set your office on fire.

What’s actually interesting is that a pretty good crowd came to see the Mayan exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science the very day the world was supposed to say good bye.   Let’s be honest, don’t tell use you didn’t consider even for a minute “what if…”  So, now that the Universe has forgiven us yet again, what’s next?

“To make more babies and to love life” – answered Rachel McGee, a mom who came to the museum with her daughter and friends.

Way to go!  That’s a great answer.