Bullet Points host receives life threatening letter

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It’s a bullet point that’s hard to miss. Jim Pruett, host of NewsFix’s “Bullet Points,” received a death threat in the mail on Saturday from a person who claims to be a Newton-inspired marksman.

Pruett said the letter should be considered a terroristic threat and that it was mailed December 20th from North Houston with only the not so subtle name: “Mark S. Man” (aka “marksman”) on the envelope.

The sender wrote, quote “It’s time we stopped arming the Mexican drug lords and you’ve been chosen as the example of what will happen if business as usual continues in Southeast Texas.”

In the letter, the sender claimed to be a former marine sniper in Afghanistan who is now unemployed and has “ mental problems”.

He said he’s been hired to kill Pruett, his family, and his employees. The letter also states that there are contracts out on other San Antonio and Dallas area gun dealers.

Also named in the letter, Governor Rick Perry, and Republican lawmaker Louie Gohmert. He said NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre will be added to the list soon.

Jim tells NewsFix the Houston police officer who took the statement said it will be reviewed and handed over to Homeland Security for review.

In the meantime, Jim said he’s not worried.

But after last week in Newtown, if this threat turns out to be real and not a hoax, it could mean we have another scary and disturbed individual lurking right here in Houston.


  • rkeyo

    The Democrats and the Left are always screaming hysterically that conservatives are violent, but it is always them who are involved in it, be it threats or the actual acts. By the way, the most recent wacko mass murderer lists his political affiliation on his facebook page as "anarchist, communist." Wake up, folks. The Left is the real enemy, and like the Islamists, they are out to kill us. Join the Secession Movement!

  • bmyles1

    Sounds to me like one of those Californian's who are moving to Texas hence reducing the unemployment roles in Calif. Texas needs to be doing background check's on these invaders from the land of the liberal

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