Indiana gas explosion insurance fraud arrests

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It was an explosion that rocked a quiet Indianapolis town last month, killing two people and now, officials say it was intentional.

Investigators say the explosion happened because of a damaged gas line and a microwave timer at the home of Monserrate Shirley, who was conveniently away at the time.

After the explosion which killed her neighbors and damaged nearly one hundred homes, Shirley spoke of her innocence.

“People said it started at my house. But, they don’t know the police said it might have started at another house. I don’t blame myself for it. I feel horrible. I mean, people died”, Shirley said.

And she should feel horrible because now Shirley, along with her boyfriend and his brother, are all facing murder and arson charges.

Police say the trio planned the explosion to collect the insurance money but it looks like they’ll be needing a lot more money to hire a good attorney because they could be facing the death penalty for their senseless and greedy act.

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