Ending 2012 with a bang

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What is New Year`s Eve without fireworks?  Right?
Kids of all ages love to see the skies come to life with color and light.

Paul Breaux who was shopping for fireworks, explained: “For me it`s the tradition, it`s also to have the kids enjoy it as well.”

Galaxy Fireworks in Katy, is ready to help make that magic happen.
Desiree Urrutia of Galaxy Fireworks said: “We have everything from sparklers, to fountain to the smaller cakes, to the larger cakes, to a huge selection of artillery shells.  We have hundreds of products that will fit anybody`s budget and need.”

But it goes beyond just selling fireworks… Galaxy partnered with the Morton Ranch High School Band.  The staff in the store are all band members and their families, who volunteer their time as part of a fundraiser for the Maverick band.

Cheryl Glasser, the Band Booster President said: “Not only is it a financial contribution to our band, which is a great support for us, but it`s a great learning opportunity for these students.

But with all the fun, it`s important to think about safety.  In this case, a little common sense goes a long way.
Urrutia said:  “Do not carry fireworks in your pocket, never throw fireworks at someone, and do not light it in your hand.”

Of course parental supervision is important, as well as a water hose nearby.

Just remember, fireworks are illegal within city limits.

So enjoy your New Year`s celebration, stop by and support a hard working group of kids at Galaxy Fireworks, and most of all, be safe.

Happy New Year!!!!