Family escaped an early morning house fire

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A Conroe family is lucky to be ringing in 2013.

Ten people living in the same mobile home escaped an early morning house fire. It happened off of Gladiola near FM 1314.

Yea, we know it doesn’t look like a mobile home. Several years ago, some additions were made and it was bricked over.
Back to the story. A family member credits the family dog for saving the day.

“The dog was actually barking. And she was running around the kitchen. So my mom was all like, ‘Who’s in there? What’s going on?'” said Marisa Bolanos, whose home destroyed in fire.

That’s when the mother walked into the kitchen and saw smoke. The whole family, including the youngest child around one or two years old, escaped unscathed.

“My husband grabbed my kids, my brother-in-law grabbed his kids. We all grabbed the kids and we came out,” said Bolanos.

Too bad the same can’t be said for the home and a couple of cars. A power pole and a tree were scorched, too. Power lines dropped onto a metal fence on the property during the blaze, charging the fence with electricity.

Conroe fire marshals are investigating the fire, but it looks like the blaze originated from a back room in the home. Even though no injuries were reported, this is far from a happy new year for this family.

“We were supposed to start a new year good. But we started bad,” said Bolanos.