Scam artists use Sandy Hook tragedy to make money

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NEW YORK – The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut was an unimaginable tragedy, but when tragedy strikes the American spirit shines. Through generosity and support, our nation has overcome the unthinkable time and time again. 37-year old New Yorker, Nouel Alba, is not a part of that group.

Alba was seen hiding her face running from a Connecticut courtroom Friday. We’d be ashamed too if we were arrested by the fbi for ‘allegedly’ setting up a money grabbing scam just hours after the Sandy Hook shooting.

Investigators say Alba set up a Facebook page posing as the aunt of 6-year old Noah Pozner, one of the shooting victims, asking for money to pay for his funeral. How disgusting! Don’t lose your faith in humanity just yet. There have been so many gifts and packages showing up in Newtown for the victims and their families that workers are running out of room, and are asking for people to stop sending stuff. Instead, they’d like anyone wishing to send their condolences to go out and help in their own communities.

Because if we’ve learned anything from this whole situation… it’s that there is someone in every community that could use some help!

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