113th Congress now in session

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WASHINGTON, DC – Another big day for democracy as members of the 113th Congress took their oaths of office in the House and Senate.

House Republicans re-elected Speaker John Boehner over former speaker Nancy Peolosi.

Randy Weber of Alvin and Steve Stockman of Webster are among the eight new House members from Texas. Weber is a former state representative, and Stockman is back in the House after serving one term from 1994 through 1996.

Over in the Senate, Vice President Biden took his place as the presiding officer, then swore in the new and returning senators, including Texans John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.

The folks in Houston we talked with think members of Congress need to grow up and start doing their job.

Carla Garza says members of Congress need to listen. ‘Congress really needs to pay attention to the citizens that they represent.  They’ll find they’ll be without jobs.’

Jim McDermott believes they need to compromise. ‘Each side has their own agenda. So I think there should be more middle of the road type. But that’s not going to be easier.’

And Tina Pilgram thinks they should start playing nicely. ‘I think they all just need to get along and play nicely together.’

Before all of the swearing occurred, members of congress did some praying at the traditional prayer service at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. They and the nation will need all the help we can get as the new congress tries to get a handle on the debt ceiling and spending cuts.

One of the first items on the agenda will be the massive aid package for victims of Super Storm Sandy, which Speaker Boehner refused to bring to a vote earlier this week.

He better bring it up, or else he may find out what happens when you screw with the folks in Jersey.