Online voting for Oscars extended, older Academy members to blame

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Oscar turns 85 this year, and although he hasn’t changed much since the last century, some members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are getting a bit, shall we say, ‘age challenged.’

The Academy decided to enter the twenty-first century this year by allowing its members to go online to vote for Oscar nominations.

But they had to extend the deadline by one day because some members apparently had trouble typing in their special passwords.

One concern in Hollywood is that some voting members may say ‘heck with it’ or something a bit more colorful, and just not vote.

And that leads to another concern, that films like ‘The Hobbit’ or even the new James Bond may lose out to the big Christian Slater lobby and let ‘Playback’, the lowest grossing film of the year, walk away with all the awards. Yeah, well, we’re more likely to see geezer porn before that happens.