Sandy Hook students go back to school

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MONROE, CT – It’s going to take a long time for Sandy Hook survivors to feel like their lives are back to normal. But Wednesday, they took a big step.

They went back to school.

Of course, Sandy Hook Elementary is still closed. So, the folks in neighboring town Monroe, Conn. are what people do in times of need and helping out in a big way.

They’ve set up shop in the former Chalk Hill School. On Wednesday students, their parents and teachers attended an open house.

Newtown Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson said, “The children are coming in. They’re so excited to see their teachers.”

Officials are also making sure to restore peace of mind.

Lt. Keith White with the Monroe Police Department said, “I think right now it has to be the safest school in America. We’ve actually installed numerous different security devices at this school, and we are going to remain our presence on location until further notice.”

Class officially starts Thursday, along with a new beginning.

Robinson said, “The students coming in completes a circle. That’s what’s missing right now, is getting our students back.”

For now it’s back to school, and one day, hopefully, back to normal.