Sandy Hook students head back to school

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USA – A new year, a new school–a fresh start for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary.

Parents and children are doing their best to get back into a normal routine…or should we say ‘new normal.’

Gone are the days spent at Sandy Hook. Chalk Hill Middle School in nearby Monroe, Connecticut, has been transformed into the ‘new’ Sandy Hook–a refuge for children who’ve experienced something no one should ever live through.

“At one point there were 80 people in the building, cleaning up the building and doing those kinds of things. Painting to make it look cheerful and happy,” said Newtown Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson.

“All of our desks are there. But my desk, I noticed that someone was in it, and cleaned it and made it neater. My desk is usually very messy,” said Sandy Hook 4th grader Ben Paley.

Ben and Ethan Paley heard the gunshots and screams that horrible morning.

Three weeks isn’t nearly enough time for the nine-year-old twins to process what they’ve been through, but they’re trying.

“I think them getting on the bus for us is a movement forward, so I think a lot of us are looking at that as, this is the next step,” said their father, Andrew Paley.

Counselors were on hand for the children, and parents were invited to spend the day at the new school…just in case.

We’re just glad the kiddos didn’t have to return to the scene of the crime.

Sadly, families of the Aurora theater shooting victims were invited to do just that–return to the place their loved ones were shot to death.

Cinemark is planning to reopen the theater later this month, so they sent out invitations to the victims` families for an ‘evening of remembrance’ and a free movie.

Family members fired back in a letter, ‘thanking’ them for making their holidays that much more difficult, and ending with these scathing words: “Thank you for reminding us how your quest for profits has blinded your leadership and made you so callous as to be oblivious to our mental anguish.”

Family members are organizing a boycott of the event. They’re also gearing up for a very important court date.

Accused shooter James Holmes is due in court on next Monday.

Prosecutors will outline their case against him, and much more evidence will come to light.