Your name isn’t on the list, pick another one

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REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – A teen girl from Iceland whose given name means “light breeze” is about to cause a legal storm! She’s fighting to keep her name by suing the government that refuses to officially recognize it.

Named by her mother at birth, 15-year-old Blaer is simply ID’ed as “stulka”, which means “girl” on all official documents. That’s because the name “Blaer” isn’t on Iceland’s registry of 1,853 approved girl names. According to the Nordic island; if it’s not on the name list, you can’t use it.

Blaer’s mother had no idea her daughter’s banned name was not on the books.

Well, official book that is. Because the name “Blaer” does appear in a novel, by a famous Nobel Prize winning author from Iceland.

Call her the “girl” with no name.

But in a country where people can be named Bjork, cities can be named Reykjavik, and volcanoes can be named Eyjafjallajokull… legalizing the name “Blaer” should be a light breeze.