Brad Pittt, Angelina Jolie wedding rumors swirl

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LOS ANGELES, CA – When it comes to love, no one’s guaranteed a do over. Crystal Harris however, is one lucky playmate, her second chance got her a Mrs. Hugh Hefner title and what we can only imagine is a sizable chunk of the Playboy fortune.

Married in the mansion of course, in front of only a few guests, Mr. and Mrs. Hefner tied the knot on New Year’s Eve. The wedding we’d actually like to see pictures from however, may turn out to be the best kept secret of the year!

Gossip blogs are buzzing with rumors that Brad Pitt married his scarlet ‘A’ Angelina on Christmas Day in the Caribbean. Neither of the star’s people are saying anything, but the couple supposedly used the house of designer Donna Karan as their nuptials spot.

Denying first their affair and then engagement for months, who knows how long it’ll be before we hear an official word, much less see a picture.

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