Rice University A/C guy gets trapped in a wall

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HOUSTON, TX – Here’s something you don’t wanna see when you’re heading back to school– fire trucks on campus! They showed up at Rice University Thursday morning to free a guy who got stuck inside the “Walls of Higher Learning.”

Seriously!!  A university electrician was working on the A/C ducts on the third floor of Rayzor Hall when he fell in and got trapped in a wall.

…And you thought there were no dummies at Rice.

No, no! Not so fast!

The man had the snap to call 911 and the fire department was on their way. After surveying the situation, they decided they had to cut a five-foot square hole in the wall to get the poor guy out. Embarrassing much?

We won’t give out his name (frankly, because we don’t have it), but he was whisked away to the hospital, and the school told us he ‘appeared to be fine.’

What else are they going to say? “He’s planning to sue for millions”? Doubtful!

Odds are, he’s just embarrassed. At least it gave the cleaning crew something to do during holiday break.

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