Subway worker fired over ketchup fight with customer

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ORANGE COUNTY, FL – Ketchup. Some people are obsessed with it. Others; confused by it.

But one man in Florida must have really been confused when he tried to order it at Subway.

This condiment confrontation went down at this subway in Orange County, Florida.

Customer Luis Martinez says it all started when he ordered his usual Philly cheese steak.

“I told him American cheese, onions and ketchup,” said Martinez.

Ketchup?! On a Philly cheese steak?!

Sandwich ‘Artist’ Lawrence Ordone was seriously offended.

“He wants ketchup on the Philly cheese steak and I have never put — we don’t even have ketchup at Subway — I’ve never put ketchup on anybody’s sandwich,” said Ordone.

Luis couldn’t bear to eat the sandwich without his cherished condiment, so he refused to pay for it.

That’s when Lawrence ‘went crazy’.

“He shoved a chair to the side, like knocked it down to come at me and I said.. this is going to be serious,” said Martinez.

“And I said ‘let’s go, fight me like a man,” said Ordone.

Yeah, cuz ‘real men’ fight over ketchup!

“I was scared. Next thing I’m thinking a gun’s going to come out,” said Martinez.

Luis claims Lawrence blocked the door so he couldn’t leave and even threatened to kill him!

By the time police arrived, Lawrence was gone for good.

Subway fired him.

As far as we know, Luis never got his ketchup with a side of Philly cheese steak, although he’s probably glad he narrowly escaped a knuckle sandwich!

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