Teens drug parents’ milkshake for more internet time

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ROCKLIN, CA – Used to be, the only downside to drinking a milkshake would be the occasional brain freeze. Now the frosty fans might have to worry about something much worse. Getting drugged!

And by your teenage kid no less.

It happened in Rocklin, California when a seemingly thoughtful gesture from a daughter turned ice cold!

A chocolate milkshake for dad, a vanilla shake for mom; but both with an extra secret ingredient inside.

Of course, the parents slurped down those shakes anyway, bad taste and all; and then they passed out.

Suspicious of their milkshake stupor, the parents went to the police station and bought a five dollar drug test. That’s when this story of milkshakes and malice really thickens! Seems like their teenage daughter, along with another teen friend, crushed up a mystery sedative before slipping it into the parents milkshakes.

But why slip a mickey into your parent’s milkshake?

No not for a late night bash… or booze… or even boys, but for late night web surfing!

See, the family house rule stated the internet was to be shut off every night a 10. But the 15-year-old daughter and her 16-year-old friend had other ideas and concocted a plan to knock-out the parents with the laced shakes.

Both girls were booked into juvey hall on charges of conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical with food. In other words, messing with the parents milkshake was their last straw!

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